Don Scott_v2.jpg

Don Scott

The initial point of contact for any individual or body (professional or otherwise) that wishes to learn more about, or engage with, the UKNSA.

Bev 2020.jpg

Bev Tyrrell

Responsible for track membership fees received and any other revenue, authorises any agreed expenditure and raises invoices and payments to third party organisations.

Responsible for managing the racers and non-racers membership fees and updating the records as appropriate.
Also manages and updates the website.  If you have any great pics, content or suggestions you'd like to add, contact her at


Andrew Bishop Jan 2019.jpg

Andrew Bishop

Acts as the Single point of contact at Race events. Oversight and coordination of designated Pit area, layout, liaison with Track Race officials & Racers.

Manage Points recording and Race Tree. Is responsible for directing & instructing the “Race support Manager” on day to day duties to ensure smooth operation on race days.

Jim Chandler Jan 2019.jpg

Jim Chandler

Responsible for identifying and procuring the Championship Trophies for the season for the agreed classes and placings.

Supports the Race Director at the track by arbitrating in the event of any real-time disputes and issues with either Racers, Officials, or both.

Ensures all racers comply to sponsors requirements, i.e. displaying 2 sponsor stickers etc.