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STP Springspeed Nationals* - Apr 30th - May 2nd
Nostalgia Nationals - June 3rd - 5th
Dragstalgia - July 8th - 10th
Mopars - July 29th - 31st
Greenlight National Finals* - August 20th - 21st
National Finals* - September 24th - 25th
Melbourne Raceway - Grand Finale & Fireworks Spectacular
Oct 8th-9th

*permit and subject to ratification


The UK Nostalgia Superstock Association (UKNSA) is a class for drag racers who own American, pre-1980 V8 cars.

The current UK version of Nostalgia Superstock follows the more modern American take on the Sport. As the Class and number of cars increases, it is hoped that one day the UK racing will follow the format of yester-year in America, but for now, expect to see stylish and brutal American cars equipped with monster V8 power (9.3 litres or more!) running on conventional suspension – often leaf springs.
With colourful period paint schemes and catchy names that replicate the American racers of old, these cars put on a great show with a fantastic sound track to match.

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The cars run on the motor – which means no power adders such as Nitrous Oxide injection or Turbos. Just drop the exhausts off, bolt on a different set of wheels and tyres and go racing (subject to the necessary safety requirements for the car and driver).

Many of the cars are road legal and participants often drive their cars on the street.

Slicks are permitted, up to 10 inches wide.

Expect “Wheels up” launches and very close fender-to-fender racing as it is a bracket class.
Bracket racing allows vehicles of varying speeds to compete on an equal basis. Each racer is allowed to give an anticipated time, called a “Dial-in”. The vehicle with the slower Dial-in will receive a head start on the starting-line. First across the line without going faster than their recorded dial in, wins.

If you want to know more about this style of racing, drop by at the Pits – the Superstock racers will

be more than happy to talk to you and show you around their pride and joy.
You can also get in touch at uknostalgiasa@gmail.com


Background photo courtesy of Bev Tyrrell

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